Hand knitted

Quality rattan lamps

Infuse light into your home with hand-woven natural chandeliers. Thanks to its elegant appearance and thread, it will create a pleasant atmosphere in which you will really feel at home.

Like traveling

Oriental lamps

High-quality and robust oriental lamps will take you into a completely different atmosphere. They can also be beautifully integrated into a modern interior and thus make a 'statement'.


Modern and designer lamps

Is your interior ultra-modern, do you like materials such as metal and glass, then choose from the collection of modern lamps.

It will shine in your interior

Unique table and floor lamps

It will create a pleasant atmosphere and make your home cozy with its appearance. Whether you put them on the table or the ground.

Even for the highest ceilings

Ceiling lights

Whether you are a lover of natural or more modern lights made of glass or metal, you will find yours with us. Explore our collection.

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