Teaková židle s ratanovým výpletem NOVA BLACK | Jídelní židle
Teaková židle s ratanovým výpletem NOVA BLACK | Jídelní židle
Teaková židle s ratanovým výpletem NOVA BLACK | Jídelní židle

Rattan dining chair NOVA BLACK

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Natural rattan dining chair. This chair is made of high-quality natural rattan material, which brings a pleasant atmosphere and natural elegance to your space.

Ratan is a natural material obtained from a climbing palm or vine that grows in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Its strength and flexibility make it an ideal material for furniture production. The natural rattan chair is handmade and each piece is unique.

This rattan dining chair offers not only a stylish and timeless design, but also comfort. The ergonomic shape and smooth curves provide a comfortable fit and support for your body. It is suitable for various environments, such as dining rooms, living rooms or terraces.

The natural rattan chair is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and resistant to everyday use. It's a great choice for those who want to bring a natural element into their interior while enjoying comfortable seating.

Dimensions: W44 x D53 x H86 cm, seat height 47 cm, depth 43 cm

Material: wood, rattan

Colour: black with light weave

Maintenance: The wood has a water-soluble coating that protects against water stains, but it is recommended to use the furniture only indoors, not to leave it outside for a long time. When pouring on furniture, do not leave water on the furniture for a long time and wipe it dry. Minor damage or scratches on wood with a natural shade can only be treated on the spot with transparent or very light oil. The rattan seat can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with water. Do not place the natural rattan chair near a fire or other heating, as the material may dry out and be damaged.

All products of the Nova collection are made of teak wood. The chairs are equipped with rattan wicker. They are woven in the traditional way using thin strips of rattan. Cross-weaving ensures that the seat is strong and durable.

Ratan is a vine or climbing palm that supports trees and can grow up to 100 meters in length. Most existing rattan species grow in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, 70% of which are found in Indonesia. Weaving rattan into baskets, furniture and lamps is a specialized skill that is passed down from generation to generation.

Teak wood has been the preferred hardwood for furniture, construction and shipbuilding for centuries, mainly because it is very durable and suitable for outdoor use. Almost all of the teak wood in Indonesia that is used to make furniture comes from export and manufacturing plantations. Teak wood from smaller farms is only used for local production.

In addition, since 2016, the Indonesian government has regulated all timber trade using a system that traces all exported timber back to where the trees were cut. This is part of the FLEGT trade agreement with the European Union, which ensures that only legal timber is imported into the EU.

These aspects together make teak production in Indonesia and its use for furniture both economically and environmentally sustainable.

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