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You will get much more by working with us

CO.DE CONCEPT is not only a place of inspiration for end users, but thanks to our experience we are able to provide complex deliveries for larger projects, flexibility, precision and, above all, we can always be consulted. We are a family business!

We work with a wide range of manufacturers and designer houses. In the area of ​​designer styles, we also have a broad perspective thanks to our frequent visits to manufacturers in Holland and thanks to one of the largest fairs held, Maison en Objet, where we always draw inspiration. That's why we believe we can recommend and deliver 'IT' what your client is looking for.

We regularly communicate and advise

being in the picture is 'gold'

We have an overview of what is happening in the world of interior design and what the trends are. Thanks to this, we can promise you that you will get from us for your clients what they are looking for. We are interested in news in the field of modern rustic/loft, urban chic, sustainable styles, ethno, etc.

Who do we work with?

Designer house

Do you have a really demanding client who knows what he wants and is looking for a really 'top-notch' design on the market? We can deal with that. We work with a designer house that knows its quality, 'high-end' clientele and approach, and accordingly they design truly unique pieces that are their signature.

Smaller manufacturers

Smaller producers pride themselves on a completely original approach to cooperation and production ethics. Among them, we work with those who care about manufacturing conditions, craftsmanship, sustainability and product quality. Whether it is furniture, textiles or other home accessories, we select them in a curatorial manner.

Importers of unique antique pieces

Antique furniture and accessories are often pieces that complete the individuality of every home. We work with trusted importers who respectfully refurbish these pieces so they last for decades to come and bring joy.

We are happy to choose

Until you can't decide

We know what quality is. We know what you will admire even in thirty years. In our offer you will only find products that we have had the opportunity to try. That is why we are able to guarantee their quality and choose the best products for you.

If you are interested, we will take care of everything - from selection to delivery.

We will deliver

According to plan

We can deliver larger and more numerous shipments according to schedule. Of course, all stakeholders contribute to this. However, you don't have to worry about unnecessary long storage. It can be negotiated so that it is satisfactory for all parties.

Let's create another unique project together

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The easiest way to clarify all the details is to call our phone number directly.

We will be happy to specify more detailed price offers, a list of products and other information via our email.

Husitská 143/51, Prague 3, 130 00

Do you want to meet in person? Just visit our store, which is small, but at least you will get an idea of ​​what we do.