We are an independent concept store in Prague, where you can find a brick-and-mortar store of furniture and home accessories for the interior together with a cozy cafe area. We love eclecticism, which combines a variety of styles in the interior into a tasteful whole.

Therefore, in our store you will find playfulness and originality, which we are happy to inspire you to create your unique home. Colors play an important role for us, no blandness.

You will find pieces for the interior especially from smaller manufacturers, which we carefully select for you. Many of them are also proud of the sustainable label.

Interior styles that you will find especially here: industrial, boho chic, urban modern style.

We carefully select individual pieces for which we care about quality, respect for nature and human craftsmanship. In our portfolio you will find modern, sustainable design combined with elegance, boho and urban chic style and eclectic playfulness. We offer home accessories, lighting and furniture.


Our personal story begins in England, where both our common journey came together, and here, too, one big wish came to establish a cafe connected to the store. At the time, our friends had a great concept combining a flower shop and a home accessories store, which inspired us a lot.

After almost 12 years spent in the UK, we decided to live in the Czech Republic. However, our dream still remained in our thoughts. We both worked in a field that we enjoyed, but did not fully fulfill our ambitions in life.

On our longer vacation, we had time to switch off and evaluate what we wanted to do next. We wanted to pass on and share more and more everything we love. We're talking gourmet, fine wine and a love of interior design combined with eclecticism. The decision was on the table. Upon arrival, we started looking for a suitable place.

Žižkov! We knew right away where we wanted to open. Žižkov attracted us with his character, history and special charm. It is time for Prague, which has enormous potential, and we have decided to support it as well.

When we saw our current location, we saw the perfect layout of the cafe and shop. A few days after signing the contract, we quit our jobs and started renovating the space ourselves. Within 4 months we opened our dream!

Our values ​​and philosophy

Our CO.DE Concept is about combining a pleasant living atmosphere and lifestyle. We want to bring inspiration and respect to natural materials and handcraft, that is why we choose mainly smaller producers for cooperation who have decided to follow a sustainable path and a path of production under fair living and social conditions.

We want to bring to the market a brand new eclectic boho style and inspire you to consciously create a distinctive home, i.e. one that will reflect your personality. We have a passion for eclectic interior style, its playfulness and the combination of different interior styles into an aesthetic and tasteful whole that pleases not only the eye, but especially the soul.

Convenience and quality are essential for us and we approach our business very responsibly, especially when it comes to customer care. We are not a giant, but a small family business that cares about each of you and how satisfied you are with your choice.

In our offer you will find furniture, lighting, home accessories and decorations from smaller manufacturers, but also designer pieces for the most demanding. We focus on a curated selection of interesting and original pieces of beautiful and high-quality design, which is why we visit our manufacturers and are in regular contact with them. We know what we are buying and who is behind it.

Sustainability is not a foreign word for us, and we have a large number of sustainable furniture and home accessories in our offer, which bring you and us closer to our interior and nature. We live better with them, and what's more, they are still timeless and passed down from generation to generation. These are not ephemeral pieces, but permanent ones. Be part of this change with us, which is not just a trend.

When sustainability is not just a word

We care about our planet

We believe that each of us can, even if only slightly, influence the environment in which we live. Therefore, in everything we do, we take into account our surroundings and carefully consider all the impacts that our activities can cause.

Important fsc sustainability certification

FSC is your guarantee that the wood from which the product is made comes from forests with FSC certification, or from post recycling, i.e. the principles of permanent sustainability are observed.

The main mission of FSC is to support environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management around the world. In doing so, they help protect the world's disappearing, endangered and devastated forests. Deforestation is a problem of enormous proportions, and the use of post-recycled wood is the hope that we will not continue the vicious cycle of production and waste.


Sustainable furniture and interior accessories

Furniture with FSC certification from the RawMaterials brand is not only available in our e-shop, but you can come and see and touch some of the pieces in our brick-and-mortar store. Behind their beautiful and unique pieces you will find sustainability, ethical production and a love of craftsmanship.