Ovčí kožešina ICELAND GREY - CO.DE Concept
Ovčí kožešina ICELAND GREY - CO.DE Concept
Ovčí kožešina ICELAND GREY - CO.DE Concept


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This product is currently not available in stock in Prague. However, it is available to order from the manufacturer. Standard delivery time is within 2 weeks.

Sheepskin with long hair from Icelandic sheep measuring 105 x 60 x 5 cm is a cozy addition to any interior. Sheep fur is not only a decorative element, but also has pleasant warming properties.

Each fur is made from quality Icelandic sheep and has long, fine hairs that add a sense of luxury and comfort. Thanks to its size, it is spacious enough for various uses. You can use it as an elegant throw over a chair or an armchair, as a cozy mat on the couch, as a rug in the room.

Disclaimer: This is not a controlled breeding of animals for leather production. The manufacturer gives leather a new life by producing interior accessories.

Dimensions: L105xW60xH5 cm

Material: dyed sheep's wool (long hair)

Color: gray

Maintenance: Wool and leather are naturally self-cleaning and most fabrics decompose on their own. But in order for them to remain in good condition for a long time after purchase, it is important to properly maintain them.

It is important to regularly brush or gently shake sheep fur to keep the wool soft, clean and fresh.

Shaved Sheepskin (Short Hair) Maintenance of short-wool sheepskin includes washing and cleaning the fur. They can be hand washed. After washing, lay the fur coat on a flat surface and stretch it slightly in all directions to prevent the fur from shrinking during drying. When drying, it is also recommended to dry it away from direct sunlight and heat.

Long Haired Sheep Fur For furs with long wool, it is recommended to brush it regularly with a comb to keep the hair fluffy. Small stains can be easily removed with a soft, damp cloth. Above all, don't use too much water!

Dyed Wool Do not expose dyed sheepskin to direct sunlight to prevent color fading. It is also recommended not to put the dyed fur coat in a damp room due to the possible release of the dye.

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