What does urban chic mean to us?

Urban chic is a style in living that focuses on modern and stylized elements with a touch of urban life. This style uses elements such as metal, glass, concrete, shaded lighting and modern lines to create a trendy, sophisticated look.

A modern touch for every interior

Even though the urban chic style is still not that widespread in general, there are many reasons why the general public can fall in love with it. One of them is that it brings a modern  look to your home. In addition, urban chic is constantly evolving, bringing new trends and designs, but it can also be combined with more conservative styles, such as modern rustic, which, however, has a touch of country style.

Expression of personality

For us, urban chic is another way to express your personality and customize your interior so that you feel at home. In our offer you will find, for example, rattan lights, floor lamps, table lamps, but also tables or cabinets that fit into this more modern style.

Practicality and functionality

Another reason why the urban chic style will surely interest you is its practicality and functionality. The materials used in this style are usually very durable and easy to maintain. This is especially useful for families with children or pets who might make a scratch or unwanted crayon drawing here and there.

Not only to the city

However, this does not mean that urban chic is suitable only for urban apartments or an urban lifestyle. If you have a modern apartment, urban chic can be ideal for creating a sophisticated and modern environment. If you have an older home, urban chic can be a good way to add modern elements and liven up the space.

The joy of experimenting

Urban chic offers the opportunity to experiment with different textures and color combinations. The materials used in this style are usually neutral and simple, which allows you to combine them with other colors and textures. For example, take a look at our range of monochrome cushions and try to think whether a combination of some of them would give your living room a modern, distinctive look.

In conclusion, for us, urban chic is a great complementary style and a way to blend modern elements into a curated selection of furniture and home accessories. In our e-shop, you will find a number of products that represent this style, and if you are interested in this style from our description, then keep a close eye on what other products will be added to our offer. We ourselves are looking forward to what other designs manufacturers will come up with, because the potential for further creations in the style of urban chic is really great.


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