What do you mean by curatorial selection?

A widely used term today, but who knows if everyone understands what to look for. What curatorial selection means for us at CO.DE CONCEPT is that WE are the ones who go to the manufacturer and take an interest. We try and feel the products and assess the quality.

Several times a year we start the car and go on a trip to Holland. We don't order goods head-on, but we first want to see who is behind the product, its quality and workmanship. We care about what you find in our concept.
The curatorial selection also includes cooperation with smaller producers who care about values ​​such as ethical production, as far as employee conditions are concerned, and the sustainability of production and the products themselves. We actually identify with those values ​​and that's why we decided to go mostly this way.


So we choose products that have uniqueness and a story. Some of them, perhaps due to their apparent imperfection, are actually absolutely perfect, perfect and above all original. We also choose a lot of antique/vintage products and we know that that unique piece will always find its owner. Many of the products you will find here are handmade, such as rattan lamps, sustainable furniture, specific home accessories and others, which in turn are finished by hand, such as throws and pillows.


We want to support this way of production. There is nothing better than buying a product that not only makes me feel better that I have supported a good cause, but also supports manufacturers who focus on quality and not quantity. What do you think?


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