What does concept store mean?

Cafes can be found on every corner in Prague. There are already several design shops in the Czech capital. But what does the term concept store mean? In this area, Co.De Concept is still a bit of a pioneer, but in Western countries it is a very common part of urban life and you can find concept stories in every neighborhood.

Quality first

Generally, a store that offers curated products from a specific area is characterized as a concept store.

In our case, it is quality furniture and home accessories of selected styles, such as rustic furniture (shelves, cabinets, bar stools...), sustainable furniture (Raw Materials brand, Mojo lights), ethno style, funky style, modern rustic and others.

Endless discovery

However, it differs from a classic store in that the main motivation of customers to visit it is not to buy a product. A concept store usually includes a cafe (like ours), a community center, a coworking space and other activities. It is so common that people visit a concept store several times a month, but do not buy anything there.

The main motivation of the concept store is to motivate people to discover - new styles, what they really enjoy and what they like.

Like home

That's what the whole Co.De Concept is about. We do not focus on mass sales complete with screaming discounts, but we want people to meet in our cafe for great coffee and fresh homemade cakes. To have fun together, or to handle work emails in peace or write the next chapter of their novel. During their visit, we will be happy to show them beautiful furniture and home accessories, and who knows, maybe after a while something will catch their eye and they will take one of the design pieces home with them.

Human approach, inspiration and discovery are the main pillars of the concept store, including ours. Let us know in the comments how you like Co.De Concept and if you're already used to the combination of a cafe and a design store. Thanks a lot and we look forward to your posts!


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