Industrial style in a city apartment

In this article, those of you who would like to bring industrial style into your city apartment will find inspiration and useful information. Although this combination may seem unconventional, you will be surprised what a harmonious whole you can create by using the industrial style in a city apartment.

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The function of industrial style is to bring authenticity, character and industrial charm to your home. Until now, you may have seen this design concept as reserved only for vast loft spaces with high ceilings and factory workshops. However, in this detailed article we will show you that the industrial style can be successfully applied even in an ordinary city apartment.

Industrial style is for many people synonymous with originality, creativity and uniqueness. It is a way to transform an ordinary space into a space with a distinctive character. Whether it's an apartment in a high-rise block of flats or a compact apartment in the city center, industrial style can add expressiveness and interest to your interior.

The aim of this article is to show you that you don't have to have a big loft or a vast factory hall to bring an industrial look to your interior. We will show you different ways to bring industrial style to an urban apartment and what elements and ideas you can use to achieve an authentic atmosphere. Regardless of the size of the space, you have the opportunity to create an environment that will inspire you and surround you pleasantly.

Industrial style offers many possibilities for creative expression and personalization. It is a unique style that derives from the industrial heritage and transforms it into a unique design concept. Whether you are a lover of minimalist elegance or prefer a rustic flair, the industrial style can meet your requirements.

Let's dive into the world of industrial style together and discover how you can achieve a unique and stylish interior even in your city apartment. Whether you're looking to create a cozy retreat or a spectacular space to hang out with friends, industrial style can give you what you're looking for. Get inspired and get ready to transform your apartment into an industrial style.

Can industrial style be brought into a standard city apartment?

You might be thinking right now that your apartment is small, it doesn't have high ceilings or a factory atmosphere. But don't despair! The industrial style can be adapted even to a limited space and thus create a unique and stylish interior even in a standard city apartment. It's not just about large loft spaces, it's about the atmosphere and character you can bring to any room.

There are many ways to apply industrial elements even in a limited space. The first step is to focus on the appropriate choice of furniture. Industrial furniture is often characterized by its robust and raw appearance. In a small apartment, you can choose smaller pieces of furniture that will fit better in the space, but will still maintain an industrial aesthetic.

For example, you can choose an industrial TV stand, which will become the central element of your living room. This type of table often combines a metal structure with a wooden top and offers plenty of storage space. Another option is to add an industrial chest of drawers, which will serve as a storage space for your things and at the same time give the interior an industrial charm.

You can also use industrial shelves, which can serve as a stylish way to store books (e.g. industrial library), decorative objects or other small things. These shelves are often made of metal and wood, creating a perfect combination of industrial and natural look.

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Another way to bring industrial style to your apartment is through lighting fixtures. Industrial lighting fixtures are often made of metal and have a rough and austere look. For example, it can be an industrial chandelier with visible light bulbs or industrial lamps with exposed metal wire. These lamps can give the space an authentic industrial charm and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Don't be afraid to experiment when incorporating industrial style into an urban apartment. Get inspired by different design ideas and find the ones that suit you best. Take advantage of the variety of industrial furniture and accessories available on the market and create a space that reflects your personal style and taste.

Characteristics of industrial style

The industrial style is characterized by its unique appearance and atmosphere that evokes an industrial environment. The typical elements of this style differ from the traditional style and bring rawness, authenticity and revealing of structures and materials to the interior. Here is an overview of some of the main elements that are typical of the industrial style.

Raw materials

The industrial style favors the use of raw and rough materials such as metal, wood, brick and concrete. These materials often remain untouched or have a patina that adds authenticity and character to the space.

Exposed beams and ceilings

In an industrial environment, beams and ceilings are often visible and their presence is one of the hallmarks of the industrial style. If you have the opportunity to expose the beams in your home, do not hesitate to highlight them, as this will give the space an industrial feel.

Factory fixtures

One of the most distinctive elements of the industrial style are factory lamps. You can opt for a suspended industrial chandelier with exposed metal wire or industrial lamps with light bulbs. These lamps are not only functional, but also serve as a distinctive design element.

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Industrial furniture

Industrial furniture is often robust and has simple shapes. Metal construction, raw wood and bold features such as bolts and welded joints are common. Industrial furniture may include tables (eg. industrial coffee table), shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers and other pieces that will give the space an industrial and bold look.

Industrial Details

Small details can make a big difference in industrial style. You can include industrial elements such as metal fittings, factory embellishments, exposed welds or visible screws. These details add authenticity to the interior and emphasize the industrial character.

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Functionality of industrial style

Industrial style is not only about aesthetics, but also about functionality and practicality. Its simple and robust design offers many advantages, especially in a standard city apartment where space is often limited.So why is industrial style a great choice for urban apartments as well?


Industrial furniture is often designed with multifunctionality in mind. An industrial coffee table, beds with integrated drawers, chests of drawers with hidden shelves or an industrial dining table - these are all examples of furniture that will help you optimize space and use every bit of your apartment. By using multifunctional industrial furniture, you can create a practical and efficient arrangement that meets your needs.


Industrial furniture is known for its resistance and durability. Most of the elements of this style are made of solid wood and metal, which ensures their longevity and ability to withstand normal wear and tear.

Simple design

Industrial style is characterized by simplicity and minimalism. Its clean lines and functional elements ensure easy integration into different spaces and the possibility to combine them with other styles. If you like a minimalist look and prefer a practical and accessible arrangement, industrial furniture can provide you with the ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Industrial style is also popular for its ability to adapt to different life situations and needs. Its durability and multifunctionality make it the ideal companion for everyday life in an urban environment. Whether it's furnishing a small apartment or optimizing space in a larger interior, industrial furniture allows you to create a practical and stylish environment that will suit your needs.

Combining industrial style with other styles in the interior

Industrial style can be impressive on its own, but it also combines well with other styles. A combination of different aesthetics can create a unique and harmonious look for your urban apartment. Here are some hints and tips on how to match industrial elements with other popular styles.

Scandinavian style

Combining industrial and Scandinavian styles can create an interesting combination of contrasts. Scandinavian style is known for its freshness, simplicity and natural elements. Combine raw industrial elements with soft Scandinavian materials and pastel colors. For example, you can place industrial furniture in a space with light wood, complement it with soft textiles and add bright Scandinavian details.

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Vintage style

The combination of industrial and vintage style creates an authentic atmosphere with a nostalgic touch. A suitable way to reconcile these two styles is to use old elements and industrial furniture with a patina. Create a space with distinctive vintage accessories such as old advertising signs, retro lamps or leather armchairs. The combination of vintage and industrial style will bring a sense of nostalgia and uniqueness to your city apartment.

Modern style

The combination of industrial and modern style creates a sophisticated and trendy look. Modern design is often associated with a minimalist and clean look. Combine industrial elements such as metal and concrete details with modern furniture and simple lines. Emphasis is placed on simplicity and precise design. The minimalist interior with industrial elements creates a modern and tasteful space.

Examples of inspiration for combining different styles in a city apartment can serve as a source of ideas for your own projects. For example, you can create a combination of Scandinavian and industrial style in the living room with fine furniture, natural materials and metal details. Or combine vintage and industrial elements in the bedroom with an old bed with a metal frame, industrial lighting and retro decorations.

When combining different styles, it is important to maintain balance and maintain a unified visual aesthetic. Experiment with different combinations to find the one that best suits your personal taste and style.

Color palette for industrial style

The right choice of colors is key to creating an authentic industrial atmosphere in your city apartment. The main goal is to achieve the raw and rough look that is characteristic of this style. Here are some recommendations for choosing colors and combining them.

Neutral tones

Neutral colors are the basis of industrial style. This mainly includes grey, beige, brown and black. These colors evoke an industrial feel and blend perfectly with raw materials such as concrete, metal and wood. Neutral tones also create a comfortable background against which contrasting elements can stand out.

Contrasting colors

Although a neutral palette is the cornerstone of industrial style, it is important to add a few contrasting colors to the space to create vibrancy and interest. Typically, these are darker shades such as black, dark blue or dark green. These colors can be used as accents on the wall, accessories or furniture to liven up the space.

Colored textiles and accessories

Combining neutral tones with soft colored textiles and accessories can add vibrancy and warmth to an industrial space. Try adding cushions, blankets or rugs in warmer colors like orange, red or yellow. These color accents will brighten up the space and bring it a sense of coziness.

Remember that when choosing colors it is important to think about balance and the overall feel of the space. Neutral tones should dominate and contrasting colors should be used as emphatic accents. Experiment with different combinations and find the color palette that best suits your taste and style.


What elements to use to bring an industrial style to a city apartment?

If you wish to bring an industrial feel to your city apartment, there are a few specific elements that you can incorporate into your interior design. Here are some suggestions and inspiration to incorporate industrial furniture and accessories.


Industrial lighting fixtures are one of the main elements that can instantly add an industrial look to your space. Try using industrial pendant lights with metallic or steel shades. You can choose a tubular design, fixtures with exposed bulbs or metal reflectors. These lamps will not only illuminate your space, but also give it character.

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You can also add an industrial table lamp to the bedside table or industrial table (or industrial coffee table) These lights will not only create an intense light, but also add an industrial style to your interior.

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If you are a fan of a softer industrial style, then don't be afraid to also use rattan lamps, which will add coziness and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Industrial coffee table or dresser

To achieve an industrial look, you can choose a TV stand or a chest with a metal frame or an industrial look. Look for simple and robust TV stands or dressers with a wooden top and metal details. This piece of furniture will become the focal point of your living room and add an industrial charm.


Industrial shelves (or industrial bookcase) are a great way to create storage space while adding an industrial element to your interior. Choose shelves with a metal frame and wooden shelves. You can place them in the living room, bedroom or office and display books, plants or decorative items on them.

Dining industrial table and chairs

An industrial dining table with robust metal legs and a rough wooden top, which is made of unpolished wood, will add a real twist to this style. All you have to do is add dining chairs with metal legs or to soften the overall impression you can also choose rattan or leather chairs with metal legs.

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What to avoid in industrial style?

When decorating an industrial interior, it is important to keep in mind some common mistakes that people often make. Here are some tips to avoid them and keep the industrial style authentic

Over exaggeration of elements

One of the most common mistakes is overexposure of elements. Remember that industrial style is about simplicity and authenticity. Try to let some elements stand out on their own without adding too many elements to the space. Instead, focus on quality and distinctive pieces of furniture and accessories.

Lack of balance

Another common mistake is a lack of balance in style. Industrial interior is often combined with other styles such as modern, vintage or rustic. It is important to find the right balance between industrial elements and elements from other styles. Remember that each element should fit into the overall look and form a harmonious whole.

Inappropriate use of dark colors

Industrial style is often associated with dark shades such as black, gray or brown. However, it is important to avoid excessive use of these colors, which could make the interior excessively dark and depressing. Instead, choose neutral tones as a base and add accent pieces in contrasting colors to add vibrancy and interest to the space.

Lack of texture

Industrial style is all about roughness, so it's important to add different textures to the space. Use materials such as metal, wood, concrete and leather to create an interesting visual and tactile experience. Add to the space, for example, a leather couch, cushions with a rough surface or metal decorations.

Browsing functionality

Industrial style is not only about appearance, but also about functionality. Don't compromise by choosing furniture and accessories that are only decorative but provide no practical value. Choose pieces that meet your needs while adding an industrial vibe to the space.

Keeping the style authentic is key, but at the same time, allow yourself to be creative and adapt the interior to your personal taste.

Recognition of quality industrial furniture and accessories

Choosing quality industrial furniture and accessories is key to achieving an authentic industrial look in your city apartment. Here are some characteristics that will help you recognize truly quality and authentic pieces.

Materials used

Industrial furniture is often made of robust and natural materials.Therefore, give preference to solid wood pieces, metal frames and steel elements. Look for furniture with handcrafted details that indicate it was made with care and expertise.

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Raw appearance

Industrial style is characterized by a raw and unfinished look. Look for furniture with rough surfaces, exposed ceilings or beams, as well as industrial-inspired elements such as factory fixtures or torn metal. Keep in mind that true industrial furniture should look like it was made from a real industrial environment.

Robust construction

Quality industrial furniture should have a solid and stable construction. Check joints, screws and welds to make sure they are strong and durable. Avoid cheap and thin materials that do not have the necessary durability and strength.

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Origin and Manufacturer

To ensure authenticity, it is advisable to find out the origin of the furniture and its manufacturer. There are many specialist manufacturers and shops that specialize in industrial furniture. It is good to focus on certified brands with a good reputation that have a long tradition in the industry.

Thorough research and advice

Inquire and consult with experts before purchasing. Read reviews and recommendations from other customers who have already purchased industrial furniture. Get an idea of ​​the price level of quality industrial furniture to avoid too cheap and poor quality options.

Where to find industrial style furniture?

If you've decided to bring industrial style to your city apartment, you're probably wondering where you can find quality industrial furniture and accessories. WHAT.DE Concept offers unique pieces of furniture and home accessories that are carefully selected with an emphasis on their quality and uniqueness.You can choose from a wide range and find the right industrial equipment for your city apartment.

A combination that works

Industrial style is not only the domain of large loft spaces and abandoned factory buildings. It is possible to bring an industrial atmosphere even to a standard city apartment. It is important to choose quality pieces of furniture and accessories that are characteristic of this style. Raw materials, exposed beams, factory fixtures and industrial elements can create an authentic industrial atmosphere.

When furnishing an urban apartment in the style of industrial design, it is also possible to combine industrial elements with other styles such as Scandinavian, vintage or modern. It is important to find the right balance between the individual elements and create a harmonious and balanced interior.

Use a suitable color palette that combines neutral tones with contrasting colors, be it furniture, walls or accessories. These color combinations will add charm and life to the space.

Last but not least, don't forget the right lighting. Industrial fixtures such as an industrial chandelier and a factory spotlight style lamp can give a space an authentic industrial look.

We hope this article has provided you with inspiration and advice on how to bring industrial style to your urban apartment. Rest assured that creating an interior is a fun process that allows you to express your creativity and personality.


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