Soft velvet touch

High-quality velvet cushions full of colors

Lean back in carefully sewn velvet cushions with original motifs. They are made of first-class materials and their cheerful style will brighten up your interior and elevate it to a completely different dimension.


glamor glamor

Textiles full of life

We have also included textiles with nature motifs in our offer, which have style and flair. You can't go wrong with these accessories for your dream home. Luxury!


Prefer to stay grounded?

Unique small furs, carpets and tapestries

Our unique pieces are a great way to add style and originality to your interior.


Like in cotton

Hyggelig with our plaids

Cuddle up in a blanket made of pleasant material. We select the entire range of colors, especially from smaller manufacturers who care about hand-made production and quality. Not a plaid like a plaid.