Because there is only one country

We care about our planet

We believe that each of us can, even if only slightly, influence the environment in which we live. Therefore, in everything we do, we take into account our surroundings and carefully consider all the impacts that our activities can cause.

Important fsc certification

FSC is your guarantee that the wood from which the product is made comes from forests with FSC certification, or from post recycling, i.e. the principles of sustainability are followed.

The main mission of FSC is to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management around the world. In doing so, they help protect the world's disappearing, endangered and devastated forests. Deforestation is a problem of enormous proportions, and the use of post-recycled wood is the hope that we will not continue the vicious cycle of production and waste.

We choose carefully


As soon as you find a "sustainable" label on a product from our offer, it means that it was made from sustainable materials and under ethical conditions.


Below we have selected for you manufacturers who have sustainability in their DNA. Explore the most sustainable products from our offer ...


Sustainable furniture

You can find furniture with FSC certification from the RawMaterials brand not only in our e-shop, but you can come and see some pieces and touch them in our brick-and-mortar store. Behind their beautiful and unique pieces you will find sustainability, ethical production and a love of craftsmanship.


Sustainable lighting fixtures

The collection of lamps from the MOJO brand uses only sustainable materials for production. There is also an ethical process behind their production, and by purchasing these products you will also be supporting non-profit organizations.