Industrial furniture with a soul and an unprecedented flair

Imagine something cold, impersonal and aloof under the industrial style? But where! :) Explore the unique pieces of industrial furniture from our offer and see for yourself how cozy and beautiful a home they can create for you.


Vintage and rattan furniture

Infuse your home with a piece of nature thanks to unique vintage and rattan furniture. It will impress in every room and create a home so beautiful that it will also garner a considerable number of likes on Instagram.


He stands firmly with his feet on the ground

Tables and tables that last

Quality workmanship and original industrial look. Tables and tables from our offer will last for generations.


✔️ Invested

Practical chests of drawers and cabinets

For keys, for wine, but also for your entire wardrobe. View industrial chests of drawers and cabinets made of quality materials.