Sunny spring after winter

Spring is knocking on the door and we at CO.DE CONCEPT love this period very much. Our store is sunny and plays with all colors. A few of our new releases and bestsellers will certainly come in handy to create the right positive mood and atmosphere.


A few tips to welcome spring in your home

1/ Bring colors into your home

Colors have a tremendous influence on us, so let's enjoy them and don't be afraid to combine them. You can bring them home in the form of pillows, plaids, curtains, but also flowerpots, vases or wall decorations or paintings. However, freshly cut flowers or a colored candle are often enough. Just a little to break up the mundane dullness.

A few novelties from us that will surely set the right atmosphere.


2/ Get rid of unnecessary things

We are still at war with a huge number of different things. It hurts our heads, and many of us, our souls. Do we really need everything? Spring is a great opportunity to properly 'air' things at home. Donate what you don't need to friends or those in need to charity. What you want to keep, makes you happy, has a certain value for you, so keep, organize, sort, clean. Chest of drawers, cabinet, drawer, basket, etc. will serve great  


3/ Take time for yourself, just make it hyggelig

Home is a safe haven for us, and therefore a pleasant atmosphere is extremely important for our psychological shell. It's great to spend time with other family members, but what about spending time with yourself? To let go of worries and thoughts about the future or the past and just be in the present. Here and now.

Catch up on that book you haven't had time for since Christmas. Cook a delicious meal and enjoy it. Candles are not just for winter and know that the pleasant warm light will do you so much good for your soul. You can also just watch, listen to music or try a new movie.


For inspiration, don't forget to follow our Instagram co.de_concept, where we regularly share videos of different combinations for your home. Make it nice at home with us.

We wish you a beautiful and colorful wait for spring.

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