The most important design concepts

Although for many of our visitors, fans or customers, we are definitely not the first design store or concept store they have come across, there may still be a few terms that are not understandable to everyone at first glance. Let's explain the most basic of them, so that everyone can feel at home on our website.


You can find many definitions of the term eclecticism on the Internet. However, for us it means only one thing - to create/combine interior to suit from different styles that you like to create an environment in which you feel comfortable and at home.


The goal of the offer at Co.De Concept is to provide such a range of products that you do not have to make any compromises when creating your interior and choose the style in which you will truly feel at home. Without blindly following trends, Co.De Concept is all about you.

Rustic furniture

This is a style that can sometimes express a natural, wooden, sometimes rural design. In our case, however, we understand the rustic style as one that highlights age, character and workmanship of the product.

When looking at rustic furniture, such as wardrobes, shelves or armchairs, it should be clear to you at first glance that this product has been around for a while. Nevertheless, thanks to the quality of the material and the workmanship, it will continue to serve us.

Funky style

Funky style means something to us novel, unusual, maybe a little crazy, who doesn't go with the crowd. It is not essential to take everything too seriously. Funky home accessories can bring perspective, individuality and fun to the interior, while complementing other styles perfectly. 

Style ethno

On the one hand, it highlights the ethno style respect to nature, but above all to culture and traditions. Therefore, in our assortment you can find a rich selection of masks and ornaments, which complement the other styles beautifully. 

Modern rustic

It is a style that combines traditional materials such as wood, stone or brick with a modern and minimalist design and materials often with metal for example.


If we had to translate the concept of hygge in one word, it means cosiness. In a broader sense, however, it hides much more. On the one hand, a cozy environment in which you feel safe and secure. In the second row, well-being. carefreeness and togetherness. 

If you come across other terms in Co.De Concept in connection with design, furniture or home accessories, please contact us and we will be happy to explain the term to you. Of course, we will add its description to this article as well. We strongly believe that we have explained all the basic concepts and that with this article, you will create your own combination of different styles that you will develop a strong relationship with. :) 


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