Přírodní ratanová jídelní židle JANE NATURAL | Jídelní židle
Přírodní ratanová jídelní židle JANE NATURAL | Jídelní židle

Rattan dining chair JANE NATURAL

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Hand-woven and very comfortable rattan dining chair in natural color. Thanks to the light and thin frame, these chairs are stackable and easy to store. The rattan dining chair has a timeless and elegant design that fits into Scandinavian, boho and other modern interiors. The chair is not suitable for outdoor use.

Color: natural, black metal

Material: rattan, iron

Dimensions: W45 x D40 x H87 cm, seat height 45 cm

Maintenance: Cleaning can be done with a cloth moistened with water. If spilled, dry the chair with a dry cloth. Do not leave liquids on the natural material for too long. Also, always wipe dry during normal cleaning. Do not place the natural rattan chair too close to a fire or other heat source, as the material may dry out and become damaged.

JANE Collection: The Jane collection are chairs with a metal frame and natural rattan surface. Weaving rattan into baskets, furniture and lamps is a special skill that is passed down from generation to generation. Around the Indonesian city of Cirebon, families weave rattan on their farms in their spare moments when they are not busy with other farming activities. These domestic skills have become professionalized in large factories, but the weaving itself is still carried out by the same skilled families. In many medium-sized factories, some of the work is done on-site at the factory, but some of the tissue tasks are also sometimes outsourced to employees who work from home in their spare time.

Ratan is a climbing palm or vine that supports trees and can grow up to 100 meters in length. Most of the extant species of rattan grow in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, 70% of which are found in Indonesia.

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