You can lean on them

Tables on which family history is written

They last for generations and create the best memories with your loved ones. Choose one of the unique tables that will be a solid foundation not only for your living room.

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Chairs and armchairs that fit your home

Choose from a wide range of sturdy and carefully crafted chairs and stools. We have selected unique pieces for our offer that you won't want to get up from.


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Unique wardrobes and chests of drawers full of character

In our offer you will also find quality cabinets and chests of drawers made of recycled wood. This makes each piece an original. In addition, you will also find with us lovingly renovated antique pieces that carry the history of past generations.


They will not stand aside

Wooden coffee tables

It may seem inconspicuous due to its height, but this piece of furniture is one of the most used in the living room. Get an honestly made coffee table made of quality materials that will serve you for many years.


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Designer console tables

They will be handy. A high-quality console table is not only practical, but mainly a design addition to the hall and other rooms. Equip your household with practical helpers.