Sametové jídelní křeslo JAIMY GREY | Jídelní křesla

According to your taste

Dining tables

They are the dominant feature of the dining room and the place where the whole family writes their stories. Choose one of the robust dining tables for your interior as well.

Rustikální dřevěný konferenční stolek 120cm | Konferenční stolky

A little lower, but no less important

Conference tables

It may seem inconspicuous due to its height, but this piece of furniture is one of the most used in the living room. Get yourself an honestly made coffee table made of quality materials that will serve you for many years.

Industriální barová židle | LOFT | Black | Barové židle

Creates a relaxed atmosphere

Bar tables bring people together

Lean on a high-quality bar table that does not creak and is made of strong, durable materials. We have selected for our offer those that are perfect for important conversations and friendly chats.


Let's just put something here...

Designer console tables

They will be handy. A high-quality console table is not only practical, but mainly a design addition to the hall and other rooms. Equip your household with practical helpers.

Kulatý jídelní stůl MAGNIFERA | Jídelní stoly

Taking it round and round...

Round tables

Sit the whole family at a high-quality round table, which will be a dominant feature not only in your dining room. Selected models from our offer are made of recycled wood.