Exceptional gifts for exceptional people

Gifts that really surprise

... and will last for a good number of years. Surprise your loved ones, who put up with quality and originality, and choose one of the unique home accessories made from honest materials.

Gifts for her

Boho pillows

Surprise your mother, sister or grandmother with a pleasant and practical boho pillow with unconventional patterns. You will see that they find use in the living room as well as in the bedroom.


Original vases

For flower lovers, one of our designer vases will be the perfect gift. Among them you will find vases made of different materials such as glass, ceramics or wood.


Nice plaids

They are cozy, pleasant to the touch and perfect for evenings when falling snow sparkles outside the windows and the fire crackles in the fireplace.


Unique vintage decoration

A touch of tradition, history and discovering hidden stories. If you want to please someone who looks for depth in things under the Christmas tree, explore our vintage decorations.


Gifts for him

Shoe spoon

Representative in every detail. For lovers of original accessories, there is a rich selection of shoe spoons that will perfectly enliven the hall, office and cottage.


Ethno decoration

A touch of adventure, the smell of distant places and respect for traditions. Ethnic decoration will please especially those who like to beautify their interior, but are not afraid to travel to the other side of the world.


Table lamps

It brightens up the room not only thanks to the pleasant light, but also with its appearance. Explore unique lamps that fit perfectly in the living room and the study.


Wine corks

We have an eye for detail and surely there is someone around you who understands that a large number of small things make an interesting whole. Even a small thing can cause great joy.