Decorations make a home


Deck your interior with decorations that have depth. Whether they are inspired by traditional cultures or the bohemian lifestyle, trust that they will also deepen your love for your home.


Decoration with soul

Wooden and vintage

Do you like playing with different styles and are not afraid to step out of line? Try to combine our wooden and vintage ornaments, which also fit into a more modern interior.


Can't decide? It's not a wall...

Wall decorations

Choose without compromise, play, experiment. Everyone can combine the wall decorations from our offer as they like.


Very hot!

Lanterns and candlesticks

They are stylish, traditional and the flame of the fire creates the right magical atmosphere. Curatedly selected lanterns and candles from our offer are a great home decoration.


Bet on them


Vases from our offer will delight several of your senses. The smell of freshly cut flowers will perfume your apartment and the unique design will please your eyes!

They mix unique elements

Bowls and trays

Our decorative bowls and trays are a great design accessory for anyone who likes to pay attention to detail. Which style suits your home?