Because we are an ambassador for sustainability, we also present the collection to you ECO DESIGNwhich is closely linked to nature and sustainability. In this collection you will find mainly furniture and lighting products made from recycled, sustainable or biodegradable materials. 
      In this regard, we make sure that we only work with trusted manufacturers who are interested in taking natural, social and economic elements into account in production. That's why we chose smaller manufacturers where this can be traced. 
      In the collection of eco furniture you will find modern rustic furniture made of recycled wood marked FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). In general, this certification is your only guarantee that the wood from which the product is made comes from FSC-certified forests, ie legal sources for logging or wood comes from post recycling (as with our products).
      Key elements of the ECO DESIGN style: Natural elements + Sustainability + Originality + Comfort + ZEN living