Industriální skříň FACTORY | Skříně
Industriální skříň FACTORY | Skříně
Industriální skříň FACTORY | Skříně
Industriální skříň FACTORY Raw Materials - CO.DE Concept
Industriální skříň FACTORY Raw Materials - CO.DE Concept
Industriální skříň FACTORY Raw Materials - CO.DE Concept

Industrial cabinet FACTORY Raw Materials

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This product is currently not available in stock in Prague. However, it is available to order from the manufacturer. Standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

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Industrial cabinet made of recycled wood in a simple but practical design. Suitable for lovers of simplicity. Great for storing clothes, bedding, kitchen equipment, etc.

It fits perfectly into industrial, modern rustic and country interiors. The wood has a different wood patina that only accentuates the beautiful character of the wood. Quality design and handmade.

Material: recycled wood, handmade, FSC certification

Dimensions: W90 x D42 x H150 cm

No assembly required.

FACTORY collection: The Factory collection is made of 100% recycled wood. The wood comes from old demolished houses or abandoned factories. Reclaimed wood comes from their floorboards, wall panels and roof structures. The wood has a full medium to dark patina from years of use. It is a mix of local hardwoods that depends on the area/region where the building stood. Hardwood was used as a quality and long-lasting material. Every item in this collection is FSC certified.

What is FSC? This modern rustic furniture is made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified recycled wood. FSC is your guarantee that the wood from which the product is made comes from forests with FSC certification, or from post recycling, i.e. the principles of sustainability are observed (there was no illegal or unsustainable logging). Regular inspections are carried out by independent certification companies.

FSC's main mission is to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management around the world. In doing so, they help protect the world's disappearing, endangered and devastated forests.

Maintenance: Wipe regularly with a slightly damp or dry dust cloth (preferably seamless, no rough surface). Avoid any polishes or cleaners containing silicone or ammonia, which dry out natural wood. Wax the wood preferably with natural wax - it treats the wood, gives it a natural shine and protects the wood from drying out. Mineral oils can be applied with a cloth.

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