Freedom in the interior

When I see clients in our showroom, how their eyes light up, my heart skips a beat. And when they tell me that the beauty around them recharges them and gives them inspiration, then I know that our path to helping people create their unique home is the right one and it makes sense.

You often confide in me that there was already a lack of 'something like this' on the market. A place that doesn't look like a big well-known mall. A place that shows you how to play and combine in the interior. A place that shows you that even different styles can be beautifully combined and fit together like a puzzle.

When I lived in England, I loved browsing antiques, flea markets, small independent shops and concept stores with home accessories and furniture. There I felt that I would capture something truly unique, which I will enjoy for a long time, if not my whole life. It was not only a pleasant shopping experience, but mainly a great inspiration and a feeling that I have something different from others. It just wasn't 'just a shop'.

And it is no coincidence that during the big move back to my native country, I took my English home with me. Anyway, England was a great inspiration for me in terms of how people shape their home throughout their lives, bit by bit and more consciously. In their homes, I could feel that they were imprinted with emotions, memories and character during all these years. And there I discovered the eclectic style.

What is eclectic style in the interior?

Eclectic style is mainly about harmony and combining diverse styles, textures, contrasting colors into a uniform and tasteful whole. It also deserves a lot of attention precisely because of the freedom, experimentation and play it brings.

Since I am a fan of eclecticism in general, I would like to share at least some basic tips for those of you who want to embark on this path of freedom. However, the next lines you will read should only inspire you and you don't have to be discouraged by them.

1/ Choose a palette of shades around which you will decorate

So that it doesn't look wild right away, I recommend choosing one neutral shade and one contrasting one at the beginning. Choose a color that you enjoy, that you like, but keep in mind the size of the room. In general, a larger room can accommodate a dark color, a smaller room rather light and neutral shades.

 2/ A clean wall is easier to place decorations

A painted wall is easier to place various decors than wallpaper with patterns. You don't have to have only a white wall, it is possible to have a dark or light one in different color shades. Darker colors add warmth and depth, while light colors increase the space and make the decorations more visible.

3/ Play with patterns and materials

Here the eclectic style is really special, so don't be afraid and play. For accessories such as pillows, blankets, curtains, wallpaper, carpets, sofas, etc. try to combine and don't be afraid of bolder patterns. Continue with similar tones that you have determined as the main palette of shades, but do not be afraid to disrupt them with combinations that may not go together at first glance.

The same applies to materials. Try to combine smooth and soft with rough rustic surface. As an example, I will give an elegant velvet sofa with cushions next to a modern rustic table. You'll be surprised how it all comes together! Don't forget, your home is like a canvas and only you can make it interesting, pleasing and unique.

4/ Combine different styles of furniture

The next game is the combination of different styles of furniture, and believe me, this is what we all fear the most. A grandmother's table, an elegant sofa, a modern mirror and a rustic chest of drawers? No, it can't go together. But you can and will create something truly valuable, unique and timeless. Trust me, you can mix old with new, modern with classic. Use what you already have at home and bring only a new contrast.

5/ The wall as a gallery

Images give us imagination and inspiration, photos keep memories and why keep them in an album, or even worse on a computer. Make a wall of them, like a mini gallery.

Think about what color palette you will use, both for frames and for posters and photos. Combine frames of different sizes, made of different materials such as metal or wood. Old frames (go to flea market) with new ones. I recommend placing it on a plain painted wall to have the right effect.

6/ Object of interest

This object should be distinctive, interesting and should attract the attention of everyone and immediately when they enter the room. One such piece of decoration or furniture is enough. It can be a picture, an atypical mirror, a designer light, etc.

7/ Beware of too much chaos

Even in an eclectic style, less is more. Everything should have its place and meaning. Do not overcrowd the room with too many decorations. I recommend making the change gradually, so you have enough time to get used to the style you are creating and fine-tune it gradually.

And what is the final advice?

Stay with what makes you happy. Create a home in which you will enjoy living. A home in which you will love every detail and, above all, it will reflect your personality. Unleash your imagination, set yourself free and play while experimenting. And don't forget in CO.DE coffee & design is always happy to advise you on your choice.

Beautiful day!


Co-founder of the CO concept.DE coffee & design in Prague 3 and lover of interior design.


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